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Yorkshire Wildlife Park .:Lemur:. by BakaBakaRangers
Yorkshire Wildlife Park .:Lemur:.
These little gits never stopped moving and all bundled together in a small area. It was hard to get a photo, especially since their enclosed area meant you were pretty much right next to them and weren't allowed to touch them. So, if they came near you, you had to just let them do what they wanted. I couldn't get any photos for a while, seeing as one of them actually jumped on my camera and wouldn't leave me alone for a while.
KHR - Hyper Dying Will by BakaBakaRangers
KHR - Hyper Dying Will
I recently messed with my old Tsuna cosplay, wearing half of it to a convention (it was too rainy to wear the whole thing, sadly, so I ended up kinda depressed during the con and even ended up in the first aid room with a minor panic attack).
But, I ended up buying a brand new wig, seeing as mine was old and VERY used, so it's was...well, I had to replace it.
I made a new dying will flame out of the Hot glue method that a ton of people use for it and I painted the BACK OF IT so it came through a lot clearer, colour wise.
And then I bought myself some proper gloves, from a better source than usual. My old ones were just gloves with wrist bands on, seeing as those were my lazy, casual weeaboo days...i regret it a LOT, so I'm glad to revamp him.
Figured I'd share one of the better photos.


BakaBakaRangers's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Varied
United Kingdom
UK Cosplayer, doubling up as a photographer.
Student of Games Design in Nottingham
Writes fiction/non-fiction(both fan fiction and original stories), creates character concepts, researches gaming culture(??), including artwork, music and game backgrounds, creates characters, draws fanart and anything between.
Too long, really.
I need to clean my account...a LOT.

I really am fed up of looking at this account, but I really do want to upload things (also, my P keyboard key is acting up, so if I'm missing any, it's because I'm getting fed up of pressing it down for 20000000 hours to get it to work) it's a struggle between getting rid of sooooooo much of my old stuff to get new stuff uploaded, or just being a lazy sod and leaving it alone.
...Probably will be rid of awful pictures those old edits. I only used to do them because my fucking tablet from ages ago broke. Now I'm drawing allllll on my own /special snowflake/

I'd like to say 'I'LL ASK MY WATCEHRS OPINIONS ON THIS MATTER', but then I realize I'd just decide on my own anyway. That's not me being rude to you guys, I love you all, but holy shit am I strange as hell when I feel like it, so I just decide everything alone. Independance, bitch.

As for an update, my life is never interesting. Nearly done with college and gonna, hopefully move onto Uni soon. Finally.

Looking at my last journals date, though, maybe...a lot has happened?
I can't explain this shit.

I have an annoying as frick girlfriend now. She calls me babe, I call her asshole. And I love it. (I say she's annoying, more like perverted as fuck and needs a slap, yes?) Got a lot of new fandoms (mostly games) to roll in.

Also, more cosplays planned and a better con schedule, since I'm living off a lot of my own money now;

Manchester Expo 2013;
Keiji Maeda - Gakuen BASARA

November Memorabilia 2013;
Aoba Segaraki - DRAMAtical Murder

Midlands MCM Expo 2014;
Keiji Maeda - Sengoku BASARA (Re-make)

Kitacon Invasion(so far);
Aoba Segaraki - DRAMAtical Murder (Multile outfits)
Keiji Maeda - Sengoku BASARA
Otacon - Metal Gear Solid (Hopefully, because I love MGS right now)

Other than that, just got a few cosplays planned.
Also realizing that my group of cosplay friends really enjoy making me sew their shit. But it's so fun.
Gotta sew a load of outfits, so heres a commission list;

Masamune Date - Sengoku BASARA
Noiz - DRAMAtical Murder
Dante - DmC: Devil May Cry
Motochika Chosokabe - Gakuen BASARA
Yukimura Sanada - Gakuen BASARA
Masamune Date - Gakuen BASARA
Banette - Pokemon
Tokiya Ichinose - Uta no Prince-Sama

It's weird to be doing more cosplays for other people than myself. I mean, look at MY list. I've only really got Aoba and Keiji, bloody hell.

Well, I guess updating is pretty useless, but it's good to let people know that I'm alive. And, I'll be uploading some art at some point.
I have a series of character artworks called 'regret' (because talent) that I'll be posting. Theres only 2 out of around 6-7 so far, but I'm being distracted by college and other art ideas, sadly.
As for cosplay pictures...ehhhhhhh...depends on what I feel about the outfit...I mean, I liked being Kiyoshi (Kuroko no Basket), but I didn't like myself AS him...well, that's just a weight issue.

Oh well. Stay pretty, guys.
  • Listening to: Immer Sie - DRAMAtical Murder
  • Reading: Screens
  • Watching: BBC News
  • Playing: DRAMAtical Murder
  • Eating: Ice Cream
  • Drinking: Juice

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